Enter to Win through your cell phone!


Occupy Lawn Signs for Humanity by showing your neighbours what

True Democracy” should be. 


Put up your Lawn Signs, Vehicle Signs etc. NOW!



Send us your photos to Enter to Win

“The People’s Direct Democracy vs Political Party System” Contest today! 

Get a chance to win $500.00 Mammii Dollars (Cash)  for 1st place, 250.00 for 2nd place and 100.00 for 3rd place among other chances to win other Mammii products and Apps during our surprise promos.

Lawn, Door and Window Signs must be visible on our property until the voting date to qualify. Please see the Terms and Conditions webpage under the CONTESTS menu for more information.


Contest Specifications:

    • Send us photos of your Lawn signs, Windows or Door signs and even t-shirts etc. or, whatever else you can think of.
    • Be Creative.
    • Photos must be in good taste
    • Winners within different categories will be chosen by public voting

      Invite your family, friends and neighbours to «register today!»



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