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A quiet Canadian democratic revolutionCover of Power Shift by Vaughan Lyon

Transitioning to a 21st century model of government

VANCOUVER – Canadians are ready for a change.

According to a recent study, 83% of Canadians want their MP to represent their constituents in the House of Commons rather than following a party’s direction. Further, they think that this change in how they are represented would improve the quality of their government.

Political scientist and activist Prof. Vaughan Lyon agrees.

His book, Power Shift: from Party Elites to Informed Citizens, outlines how this new system of representation could be achieved and calls on Canadians to demand the political system they want and need. It would allow them to by-pass parties and get popularly supported governments.

Lyon says, “We are in need of a dynamic democratic model that will bring now politically alienated citizens into a close collaborative relationship with ‘their’ government. If this relationship does not exist governments will be forced to manipulate and coerce citizens in order to maintain control and act on controversial issues,” he says.

Prof. Lyon has taught political science and been a political activist for many years. His book not only serves as a call to action for Canadians, but it also provides a detailed, practical and responsible model of the constituency representation they have desired for the last century. This model of 21st century government based on constituency, rather than party representation will give Canadians a properly supported, responsive government.

Lyon is recommending a call to action for a serious change in Canadian government, not simply a call to more research or consideration, as many academic studies have concluded. “But significant, citizen-empowering change will only take place if it is demanded by citizens,” he says.

Power Shift is the start of what Lyon calls a “quiet Canadian democratic revolution” — citizen-inspired change. Canadians are tired of party representation, and Lyon has outlined a strategy to change it in a way that would shift power from parties to informed citizens.

Power Shift: from Party Elites to Informed Citizens By Vaughan Lyon ISBN: 978-1-4620-3763-6 (sc); 978-1-46203-765-0 (hc); 978-1-46203-764-3 (e) Approximately 321 pages Available at amazon.com,barnesandnoble.com and chapters.ca

About the author

Vaughan Lyon was educated in Winnipeg and Vancouver. After working for a decade in labor relations, he earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of British Columbia. He then began teaching, researching and writing about Canadian politics at Trent University, where he was named Professor Emeritus of political science. For more information about Vaughan Lyon and his work, visit www.democracynow.ca

By Warren Hurd

As long as the cons are allowed to get away with gerrymandering, dissuading young voters, and keeping everyone who doesn’t like them divided between Libs, NDP, and whatever else, then they have a good chance of winning- ahem- a “majority government” once again.Without a change to our broken electoral system to better reflect “actual” democracy, everyone who doesn’t like the (ironically) radical extremism of so-called conservatives pretty much HAS to vote for just ONE other party: One that is not conservative. Then EVERYONE must press hard for a kind of election that better reflects proportional representation and the “actual” interests and needs of our citizens.

OR – even more appropriately – we all must STOP PRETENDING that our present (totally eff’d) electoral system has anything at all to do with democracy and then CHANGE IT before another unreal “election” takes place.

The “democratic process in Canada” is total clown shoes right now…. horrible, traitorous, conservative-criminal clown shoes, with some illusion of competition from the so-called liberals. “Liberals” whose primary interests seem NO DIFFERENT than the “conservatives” wherever the Big Issues are concerned.

Sadly, the only thing harpercons need to do to obtain a “majority” under the new anti-democracy Elections Act (http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx) is to help fund the NDP, and then watch their competitors votes split whilst they grab the majority once again.

And the Green Party? Well, the message from the Conservatives to the Greens is clear: “F___ You.”

THAT is our “First Past the Post” system in a nutshell folks! It is NOT real democracy, and it is NOT reflective of the interests of THE VAST MAJORITY of the good people of this nation.

It is NOW time to push hard for real and major election reform… to better reflect Democracy and the will of the people in our country.

House Government Bill – Bill C-23 – First Reading (41-2) www.parl.gc.ca

Our present “system of government” is a privatized international business system. And now they are working day and night to remove the public interest from politics at every level… to keep those pesky citizens and their wants and needs out of the way of their corporate agendas…. and it is really sick. Psychopath kind of sick.

Fair Elections Act attacks participation and debate | Toronto Star

The Star article – Conservative government is ramming through changes to the elections act that will mean many Canadians won’t be able to vote.

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